I hear this a lot and to be honest have been there many times myself.

I have also thought of not having people over because the house was in a mess and what the hell do I wear! In these moments I think we all need to step back and reflect a moment on the bigger picture. Life should be a series of moments, some not so good, but overall it should be enjoyable.

If the fear of ‘What do I Wear’ is stopping you from enjoying the chance of a good moment, it’s time to make some changes.

Style tips

– think about your lifestyle, body shape, colours that suit you and events coming up.

– do a wardrobe audit, get rid of all the items that don’t suit or fit.

– go shopping armed with a list of things you need.

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Get organised

– have a calendar or diary and make notes of all the key events coming up as soon as you know about them

– take a moment to think about what you want to wear to those events. Do you need new shoes, accessories, etc to update an existing item in your wardrobe, or a complete new outfit.

– if the event is at your home, don’t leave the menu and cleaning to the last minute.

– if the event is a last minute suggestion, hopefully the wardrobe part is all sorted from the above – but the house is looking worse for wear – simply let your friends know that the washing machine has leaked all over the house and cancel!!!!! Ok,  perhaps a little dramatic, but rather than leaving the cleaning to the weekend, do little bits through the week, washing, dusting, etc.

– When you use the BBQ clean it ready for the next one

– And at the end of each day do a tidy of kids toys, etc.

– I always have a bag of chips, jatz or Tim Tams is the pantry for the unexpected drop in’s.

Never underestimate the power of a great outfit.