Do you ever notice how some people always look polished and well put together, while there are others that usually appear, well….a little dishevelled :-).
Below are a few easy tips to help you achieve a more polished, expensive look without having to break the bank.

1. Have your clothes tailored to fit. When buying clothes from stores, it’s not a one size fits all model. If you think about celebrities at red carpet events wearing couture, it’s been altered to suit their body and it is rarely straight off the rack. So it’s certainly worthwhile, if you are investing in some great pieces, to have a tailor take up sleeves, let out or take in seams and hem to suit your shape.

2. Take the time to iron your clothes. I know most people are not fans of ironing (personally I find using my clothes steamer very therapeutic) but nicely pressed clothing is well worth the effort. It shows you take pride in yourself.

3. Clean and polish your shoes. Nothing looks worse then scuffed and worn out shoes. If they have seen better days, there is no reason to be sentimental. Donate or bin them and invest in a new pair. Your feet are worth it.

4. Structured bag. A clean structured bag always looks more sophisticated. If nothing else it makes locating your phone much easier.

5. Have some good quality classic pieces. Now I am certainly not saying not to wear fun or fashion forward pieces, but wearing them with your core basics will always give you a sophisticated finish. Think a trench coat, black pants, blazer, etc

6. Clean and manicured nails. This does not have to mean a weekly visit to the nail salon, but just having clean, neat and tidy nails goes a long way.

Hope these tips helped, would love to hear your comments or if you have any extra tips to add.